How to Market Affiliate Products

Creating an affiliate website is only one option (and just the beginning) when it comes to marketing affiliate products.

The best affiliates let the world know about the product they are promoting by leveraging the best marketing levers the internet has to offer.

The good news? They are straight forward and most of them don’t cost a penny!

But make no mistake, it does take some time.

There are many things affiliates need to do well in order to succeed.

Look at the list below and start getting the word out.

1. Create an Affiliate Website

By knowing how to market affiliate products via a website, an affiliate marketer opens the door to a wide range of other tactics that can be tied to their site (such as video, podcasts, eBooks and more).

But the most important element of a website is it allows affiliate marketers to become a trusted voice in their niche.

Once trust is created with a prospect, product recommendations convert at dramatically higher rates.

2. Find and Join Discussion Forums Related to the Niche

By providing links back to the affiliate website, the affiliate should eventually score high in the organic search results from the search engines (such as Google and Bing).

Discussion forums are a great place for this, but make sure the forum provides do follow links, otherwise the search engines will ignore the “linking value”.

If possible, insert links in each post made in the discussion forum.

At an absolute minimum, make sure your signature has the ability to link back to your website.

Secondly, provide value in the forum.

Answer questions and ask thought provoking ones.

Become a trusted voice in the forum and people will want to see more of you.

So much so, they will eventually follow the link to your affiliate site.

Once there – you have them where you want them; now you can capture their email address, sell them an affiliate product, get them to click on Google Ads and so on.

They may even link to your website from theirs.

One last key item about the links back to the affiliate site; point them to the money pages.

For example, affiliates will post in a forum and post the link back to the page that is most likely to make them the most money (such as a product review of an affiliate product).

3. Write and Distribute Articles

Personally, we would rather capture the traffic directly to our own affiliate site than simply providing a link to a 3rd party website (even if it is the affiliate product site).

There is much more you can do with a visitor at your own site than simply sending them directly to a vendor.

There are hundreds of these sites and some of the best are;
And many many more…

Remember, a do follow link is just as important here as it is in the discussion forums.

A great way to see if a website provides a do-follow is to download the Mozilla Firefox do-follow utility and then browse the website to see if the outbound links are “do follow”.

Just like the discussion forums, make sure the links are pointing to your money pages.

4. Social Networking Websites

By interacting with people via Twitter, Facebook and the many other social networking sites, the relationship with a follower becomes immediate.

It is a two way communication street that often turns into a conversation.

By creating trust and showing people the affiliate is a true expert in their niche, it puts them in a terrific position to increase affiliate revenue by providing a credible recommendation for a product.

Learn how to market affiliate products via social media and you can take your income to a whole new level.

But it takes time to build a credible reputation.

Be patient.

Just like in the forums and article distributions you must provide value.

Fine your voice and value proposition and start sharing your ideas.

Conversations with followers will happen before you know it.

5. Email Autoresponder

People have grown tired of those approaches and have tuned them out.

However, the best affiliates know how to market affiliate products with an autoresponder effectively –and they make some very good money.