Why Spikeless Puma Golf Shoes Is Hot

The spikes on Discraft’s Spikeless Puma golf shoes are designed to reduce the probability of pulling your clubhead up. This is an excellent feature for any golfer, especially those who have been knocking their drives into the rough or off the tee box because of too many errant shots. There are other brands that have a similar design as well, but few can compare to the durability and quality offered by Discraft. Discraft consistently puts out quality products.

spikeless puma golf shoes


Discraft has four professional model lines, each of which offers slightly different models. You can choose from the Titan, the Invicta, the Reflex, and the Excalibur. When you visit the disc golf store, the staff will also be able to tell you which models are right for you based on your physical attributes. You can also find several styles of the shoes at the disc golf store. Once you start looking, it should not take you long to find a pair that really works for you.

One of the unique features about Discraft’s Spikeless Puma golf shoes is the mesh upper. Unlike most other brands’ mesh uppers, the mesh upper in the Puma lines offer more breath ability to keep you comfortable and dry even when you’re sweating. The mesh upper also provides additional ventilation for those hot summer days when you’re trying to avoid getting your shirt wet. The mesh upper does not interfere with your sight or your hearing, which is a big plus if you have aches and pains such as arthritis that keep you from wearing certain styles of shoes.

The mesh upper in the spikeless golf shoes is removable, so you can switch out the upper if you get tired of the color. The removable sole plate allows you to switch up the level of traction on your sole. If you find that the soleplate is wearing thin, you can replace the soleplate with another pair that is made with a different material altogether.

One of the unique features of Discraft’s Spikeless Puma golf footwear is the tongue protector. The tongue protector is built into the top of the shoe, providing ultimate protection against hooks and gouges. This innovative product protects your feet against injury and unsightly damage. Another top brand that offers the tongue guard is Nike’s Air Flight row. Not only does the Nike Air Flight row guard your foot from damage when you swing, it also protects your feet from getting injured when you play other sports such as running, basketball and tennis.

You can purchase the sparkle and trim available on the Discraft Spikeless Puma golf shoe by purchasing the corresponding Top of the Line trim. Some of the trimmings include an Air Lock trim, rubber soles and the standard single strap. The trim is sold separately and is included with each pair of sparkle and trim found on the shoe. The soleplate on these shoes is made from a flexible polyurethane and is surrounded by Nike’s Air Pack cushioning system.